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A certain guy still hasn’t called me.

I don’t feel settled about this situation. There are times when I so badly want to be in contact with a person and try a bit too hard to make it happen. There are times when I really want things to be a certain way. There has been a time when I so badly didn’t want a situation to be what it was but it was how it was and internally I did know it. There was a time when I knew it was supposed to be and eventually it was.

This doesn’t seem done. I will talk to him again. Ugh, I knew he’d ignore my call, and it’s understandable. But he needs to learn how to deal with things as they come. I wonder if he just wants to forget it or forgot it or what?

I am being such a girl right now.



It’s the best holiday because it’s when all the good food comes out. It’s all about the food! I suppose it’s about giving thanks and family too, but for the most part it’s the one holiday where special special attention and time is given in all the dishes dished out. You can’t bring crappy food to the Thanksgiving table, that’s just wrong and you will notice when there are tons leftover of one dish compared to the empty plate because it was so good people wanted to take some home. Great food is expected. Great food is delivered. Now, let’s all go for a run.

And how about all of those mass sent texts mentioning turkey and birds and giving thanks and being united and stuff. Oh technology, thanks for making me feel special and like just another person on the “send message” list.

It was my first “Thanksgiving break” where I actually “went home” for Thanksgiving. It makes things even more interesting when you see everyone after being on hiatus for a while. Being away makes you really appreciate the holidays.

Good times.